Missed Photo Opportunities

It is unusual in this digital day and age not to have a phone, Ipod, tablet or camera of some shape, size or description on you to be able to snap photo opportunities. However I recently found myself to be severely battery challenged and have missed a couple of photo worthy moments. More than a week later these images are still strong in my mind so here it is, my first post without any pictures because as the title suggests I didn’t manage to snap a shot! Therefore I will try my best to give a descriptive snapshot of what I saw.

Kaiten Sushi Restaurant  回転寿司やさん Conveyer Belt Sushi Restaurant.

Kaiten Sushi Restaurants are probably the equivalent of a family restaurant like Denny’s. They are reasonably priced and a good way to try sushi as you see what is being served before you choose.

Different kinds of sushi are served 2 pieces at a time on plates. They are placed on a conveyor belt which goes past you. As you see something you like, you just take the plate of the conveyor belt and consume. Most of the sushi is raw fish but you will find cooked egg toppings, cooked shrimp, cucumber or pickle rolls and some other cooked or grilled varieties. It has to be said though that the teriyaki chicken and other cooked chicken sushi rolls found at home are very much a western adaption of sushi and not the norm here.

Different sushi is a different price depending on the fish. If you are observant you will notice that the plates on the belt are different colours. Each colour is a certain price. The red plates may be 150 yen, the blue 200, green, 250 and the gold 400 yen. You eat what you want, your pile of plates increase and at the end the restaurant staff member tallies up your bill based on the number of plates and their colours.

Kaiten Sushi Snapshots

Last week I was at my local. They had a huge whole tuna sitting on ice in the cabinet, massive,  fresh, sleek, streamlined silver luxurious even. Click Click.

At about 6pm the Sushi chef picked up this magnificent fish and raised it above his head like a heavy weight boxing champion’s belt and paraded it around the restaurant in true Rocky style. Click Click.

The chef then proceeded to cut the fish into its various different cuts, it was like a surgeon honing his fine skills. The knife was razor sharp and the cuts were made with precision and flair. Click Click.

The best part was eating the product of these snapshots. Super fresh sushi prepared in front of our own eyes. Moist pink Naka toro ( the oily cut from the tuna belly)a top vinegared sushi rice on a silver plate decorated with a dragon. Click Click.

Neighbourhood snapshot

I live in a sleepy little part of town, a small station and a few local shops and nothing much in the way of restaurants and entertainment. It was a grey old day, cold and drizzly and I was making my way towards the station. Coming towards me was a little wizened old chap with a face like a well dried raisin. He was riding a rather large mobility scooter the size of a rather generous ride on lawn mower and had an enormous fat cigar hanging out of his mouth. That face looked like it had many a story to tell and the cigar seemed so out of place it was comical. Made me smile! Click Click.

Is 1000 words worth a picture or 5?

They say  a picture is worth 1000 words. I couldn’t get the pictures so I am hoping 1000 words (give or take 400) is worth a picture or 5? I hope you can picture these fleeting moments in time. Would love to know about some of your missed photo ops.

Smile! Click Click!

images (1)Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu


5 responses to “Missed Photo Opportunities

    • I think it’s better here. So much variety. At home it tends to be salmon, tuna and chicken. Definitely different. My friend wanted to know where the Chicken was? At home in NZ it tends to be makizushi which is the rolled sushi but here it is nigiri sushi which is the small piece of rice with the fish on top. But have to admit at first I couldn’t appreciate the different tastes. One piece of raw fish tasted the same as the other. But now I love it and can appreciate the differences, tastes and textures.


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