Just Saying – The other day I was “THAT person”

Yep, not proud to admit it but the other day I was “THAT person” I was the one that came charging down the stairs at the train station and threw myself at the doors of the jam packed train just as they were beginning to close. You know what I mean, “THAT person”

Why? I don’t know. I was not in a particular hurry. I was just being “THAT person”

Was it necessary? Nope, there is  train every 5 minutes. I was just being “THAT person”

Embarrassing? Yep, there I was wedged at a very odd angle in the door as it closed, my foot at some weird ballerina angle to my body and my bag twisted and half out the door. A dear old man did his best to haul my sorry butt in the door. The doors pinged open and I squashed in causing even more discomfit to my fellow passengers, delayed the departure of the train by a pivotal 10 seconds, all the time just being “THAT person”

Gotta say, I hate being “THAT person”. Maybe that day I was tired, stressed and  on automatic manic mode. I definitely wasn’t thinking about those around me or in fact even thinking. I was just being “THAT person”

In times of stress, sometimes it pays to step back from the platform, take a breath and catch the next train, literally or figuratively. Being  “THAT person” doesn’t do you or your fellow passengers on the ride of life much good at all.  Just saying …….

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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