Photo Essay – Cherry Blossoms 2

This post may well end up being Cherry Blossom photo overload but for this brief 10 day period I can’t seem to get enough. ( Plus I am learning and experimenting on how to present photos on WordPress. Any feedback is appreciated!)

The Cherry blossoms make a fleeting appearance and full bloom is only a few days. Before you know it, the petals are falling and fluttering like soft pink warm snowflakes. New green shoots appear and the trees transformation from baby pink candy floss to the fresh green of youth and new growth begins.

It is the season of changes and growth for new entrants to Primary, Junior High, High School, University and new company employees too.

For the next 2 to 3 weeks or so, my early morning commute is slightly more crowded than usual with earnest new company employees all in the standard garb or navy blue suits, crisp white shirts and ties, serious looking watches and sharp new haircuts, all leaving that  hour earlier than needed to ensure they are not late for the new job and striving to make that good first impression. This of course also means the old hands can’t drag the chain and are also on board so they can be the there to greet the young drones and show them the ropes. It also means my leisurely start to my work day at my local coffee shop is a little more packed than usual as they all pop in for that caffeine hit of the morning, once they realise they are ridiculously early for the work place grind.

For me these first 3 weeks of the school and working year are a pleasure of observation, the blossoms in all their glory and people watching from a social convention and  phenomenon point of view. For a more detailed post check out my previous post.

Yesterday I had a break from the morning rush but couldn’t resist another Cherry blossom foray. Please join me again through my photos and come explore a couple of new cherry blossom spots near my work place and home.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)

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