The Beauty Beyond

The Beauty BeyondBest 23 (1)

It is Spring in Japan and the whole country seems stop and go into slow motion for the brief time the Cherry blossoms bloom. People flock to the Cherry Blossom hot spots, friends, workmates, lovers, families, classmates enjoy time wandering and viewing the delicate blooms. 

I joined the masses and spent time strolling the riverbanks and parks. I was totally engrossed and focused on the blossoms. Planted en mass they truly make a stunning display.

This picture made me think that sometimes we can be so focused on something whether it be stunning, ugly, positive or negative that we sometimes fail to see the beauty that lies beyond.

I find myself wishing I had focused this picture on moon. I was so hung up on the blossoms, I missed the chance to celebrate the beauty of the moon.

Sometimes we get so focused on one thing we miss wonderful opportunities to celebrate, love or recognise other things or people.

Remember to look beyond.

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”

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