Photo Essay – Bright spots in Grey days

The Cherry Blossoms in their marvelous glory arrived early this year and hailed the start of spring. Crisp clear days, blue skies and a mass of soft pink blossoms and petals floating through the air, spectacular!

However their blooming period is a brief 7 to 10 days and unfortunately it seems mother nature decided  this year, as the blossoms finished so too would the clear days! The last week has been packed with unseasonably wet cold bleak gray days.

But nevertheless there are always bright spots! Spring does not come and go with the Cherry Blossoms alone, they are a mighty fanfare for sure, but out and about there are so many pretty blooms. Here are a few snapped on my way to and from work. I hope they brighten up your day like they did mine. Makes me think of the old adage , “Remember to take time to smell the roses” or the daffys, camelias, pansies ……..

Hope your day is bright

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


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