Blooming Beautiful! – Photo Essay Nezu Jinja, Tokyo.

Miss 4, my friend’s little one, is now a self proclaimed “big girl” and was very keen to take up my offer a girls’ day out so off we set to see the Azaleas at Nezu Shrine, a jaunt inspired by Celia’s recent post and her stunning photos.

It was a brilliantly fine day and the Azaleas were stunning. Because the Azaleas were in full bloom and it was a Sunday, the shrine was bustling. There was a brass band playing, traditional Japanese drumming, food stalls and a flea market.

Miss 4 and and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the azaleas, me taking in the vista and Miss 4 gathering quite a collection of fallen blooms to take home for her mum.

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


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