Confused Blogger seeks  opinions, advice and feedback

I think I have mentioned it before and with the risk of being repetitive will say it again. I am loving this blogging business.” Business” as in the act of blogging rather than chasing numbers and sponsorship! I may well have an addictive personality disorder.  After a false start in 2013, I am now 4 months into this particular journey and well and truly hooked!

Blogging is so much more than I realised. It is thought provoking, creative, an outlet, sharing and very social.

I originally thought it was just a matter of typing something up and hitting the publish button. Ummm no …. so much more than that. I think my actual blog is only about 20% of the actual experience. What I am finding fascinating are all the other blogs I am getting to read and connections with people that I am making. I love the feelings, compassion, humour, opinions, creativity and knowledge that you share with me at the end of my day. I look forward to going through my reader and checking out blogs that I follow, I find new blogs through people who drop into my blog and through recommendations of fellow bloggers.  Josh on My Friday Blog does a great regular post on different blogs he reads and promotes other’s sites. I was blown away to get a mention in his post the other day. There really is a sense of community and great support out there for people just beginning like myself.  And thus I find myself wanting to ask you for some advice and feedback.

My blog is slowly but surely evolving. I started out posting about Japan – all I know and don’t know! The subject matter was fairly cohesive. However, as I delve more and more into the blogging scene I am finding more and more things I want to try, for example I have discovered some lovely Blogging photo challenges through Cee’s Photography and The Daily Post. They jolt the old memory bank and I find myself flashing back to travel photos from other countries that I would love to share. I had an amazing year in 2011 and traveled for the most of it. I have since reactivated the travel bug and have done Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Zanzibar, Ireland and Malaysia. I am beginning to feel like I have a blogging split personality! I am like a kid in a candy shop, very excited and on a blogging sugar high.

I have received some good advice from various blogging forums but I find I learn the most by visiting all your wonderful blogs. I would really value your opinion and appreciate if you could answer the following.

My Questions

Do the Travel posts, Morocco, Nepal and the photo challenges seem a bit out of place on my Japan blog? Should I keep Nihongojapango only for Japan related posts?

Should I start a separate retro Flashback Backpack travel photo related blog to be kept separate from the Nihongojapango site?

Thank you!

A big heartfelt thank you to all those kind enough to pop in, visit, leave a like, a comment or even follow my blog and I hope to hear back from you. I am a big believer in constructive feedback so am happy to hear other comments you may have with regards to pros and cons of my existing blog. It’s one big happy experiment at the moment.

Share the love and check out some of the Good Reads that I am following.

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11 responses to “Confused Blogger seeks  opinions, advice and feedback

  1. I don’t think you have to change much just add to your current theme, if it continues to be about more things outside of Japan, you might have to change the name to be more inclusive.


  2. Thanks for the mention. If I were you, I would post with variety on this blog rather than having a separate blog, but I prefer variety over niche blogging so that is just me. If you do, you may want to change your tag line, however.


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