World Trip 2011 – One Photo for each country visited, Can you guess where?

2011!  An epic year. Unforgettable people, places and experiences. I left home on Jan 8th 2011 and returned December 22nd in time for Christmas with Family and friends. As you can imagine I took 1000s of photos. Here is just a tiny selection of 1 captioned photo from each country visited in order of the round trip. Do you recognise any of the places? Some are obvious and some not. Please relive my trip with me. Bon Voyage!

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


9 responses to “World Trip 2011 – One Photo for each country visited, Can you guess where?

    • Very and when it comes to cities New york is one of my favourite. I had about three weeks there staying with good friends on Long Island, Everyday was an adventure, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, Visited the Grand lady! Central Park, the museums, went to a live filming of ……… ” what is his name, mmn The tonight show???? Howard Stern was the guest, went upstate to Millerton, so beautiful in Winter!

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    • Yes, the Pont du Gard aqueduct is very very impressive! Was a a great day trip from Avignon and I remember buying sun warmed fresh cherries from an old bloke with a stall at his front gate near the bus stop on the trip home.

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