Intricate Workmanship – Roman Empire Mosaics

Intricate Workmanship – The Mosaics of Volubilis

Volubilis was a Phoenican and later Carthaginian settlement under Roman rule from 1st century AD onwards.  It now lies as a partly excavated Roman city near Moulay Idris and Mekenes in Morocco. My friends and I stumbled upon this by good luck rather than good planning when we were unable to secure accommodation in Fez so we took board in nearby Moulay Idris.

Volubilis lies in a still fertile agricultural area and in its day was a prosperous olive growing town. This prosperity led to major public buildings such as the Triumphal Arch, a temple and basilica and the construction of many fine town houses with incredibly large intricate beautiful mosaic floors.

I was astounded to find such fine examples of these intricate Roman mosaics among the ruins of Corinthian columns, Roman arches and crumbling walls, just sitting out in the open, completely unprotected and open to the elements. They are stunning and on a par with anything I have seen in Pompeii or in museums around the world.

The ruins themselves were well documented and with good info we explored the remains as if we were walking through the once glorious town. The mosaic floors had me wide eyed with wonder.

It was amazing to see a tiny but intricate part of world history in such a quiet and unassuming place. They not only told the story of the 10 challenges of Hercules but gave insight to the lives of the life style of those who lived in the times of the Roman Empire.

These amazing intricate mosaics survived over 2000 years, they survived the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, they have survived all the elements have thrown at them and remain as a stunning reminder of things long past. They are made of stone and are strong, yet are very intricate in their fine workmanship and construction. I hope these intricate beauties are respected and cared for and continue to amaze future visitors.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Intricate.”

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