Back to work – Just saying

After a glorious Golden Week of exploring, spending time in good company and an all round good time it is back to the morning crush and the grind of work.

I left home early this morning and am now near work in my local coffee shop having breakfast.

Last night, school was looming and I had the sick feeling, what to do?, how to engage the kids and start the week back in a fun way?. My lycra clad lesson is not a go as it is too hot and with all my guests and eating out I would run the risk of splitting that lycra right down the BuTTocks!

The the Baffled Baboon came to the rescue! The answer is Personality and Pigs! Now should you decide to do this wee test make sure you draw your pig before scrolling down his page. Intrigued? go check his post out.

I now  find myself looking forward to the day. Thank you Baffled Baboon. I love that there are always things out there to inspire me. Even in a less than Ideal situation, work vs travel, exploring and play, there are always upsides and things to look forward to. You just need to identify and focus on them.

Hope you are looking forward to your day too.

Just saying

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


Post Note

Well  Personality and Pigs is a lesson keeper! We had a lot of fun and just as everyone has a different personality so too do they have different pigs. I may even have a split personality in my class as one student drew 3 different pigs. Maybe he is the kind who likes to please everyone?

Thank you Baffled Baboon for the today’s inspiration! Here are a few of the Piggy Pics

2 responses to “Back to work – Just saying

    • Definitely have caught the sun Kaoru! Yes it was a most excellent GW! I loved the BBQ. Thanks for the invite. I will post some pictures later. Off to class now!


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