Travel Theme – Subtle

Taking Japanese Macha ( Bitter rich green tea) in a beautiful serene Japanese garden with a history that dates back to the 1600’s. The tea house stands on a site where its predecessor stood in the 1770s

The bitter macha is served with a the most gorgeous traditional Japanese sweet made from white bean paste. The gentle green and the tiny pink flowers that decorate the sweet represent the Azaleas that are blooming at the moment. The taste is sweet but infused with a hint of Yuzu a very aromatic and tasty Japanese citrus fruit.

The atmosphere is simple and understated, quiet and contemplative. The view is beautiful. A flower arrangement of Iris welcomes the new blooms due soon. Outside a simple Japanese rock garden, patterns raked in the small pebbles around the natural but sculpture like rocks.

The simple act of taking tea seemed to be very much at one with nature and the season.



In response to  Where is my Backpack? Travel Theme Subtle

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