Japanese Wedding Head wear

The Tsunokakushi

A hat? no so much but head wear yes. The tsunokakushi is part of the traditional garb worn at a Japanese wedding ceremony.

At first glance it looks quite bulky and cumbersome. I guess if has to be it it is covering the bride’s horns, Yes you read correctly, horns!

Tsuno means horns and Kakushi comes from the verb to cover or hide.

Brace yourself for this ladies and future brides to be. We females supposedly have horns of jealousy, selfishness and ego. In order to catch ourselves a man, we need to keep these hidden from him and his family so, on the wedding day, the bride keeps these nasty little numbers under cover until the deal is sealed!

Once you have the marriage signed and sealed you can reveal your true self horns and all! Maybe this patriarchal society is not all a bed of roses and meek obedient housewives after all!

Photos taken at Meiji Jingu in Tokyo May 2015

In response to Where’s My Backpack?  Travel Theme – Hats

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