On a Roll in Tokyo – Cec’s Odd Ball Challenge #21

Well I seem to be on some kind of roll, if you will excuse the pun, when it comes to seeing weird things on the side of the rood in Tokyo this month. Last week it was legs and this week it is toilet rolls or in the vernacular “Bog Rolls”

I am walking along through a fairly affluent ( not to be confused with Effluent) neighbourhood and here are these toilet rolls sitting outside this side door. Odd? not in a packet or anything, coupled up and spread out?

There does appear to be a note with them but I didn’t want to be accused of Bog Roll pilfering so couldn’t check it out. Instructions on use perhaps? A flyer for an Indian curry named the “Burning ring of Fire”?

One of my pet hates ( ready yourself for a personal revelation) is sitting on the porcelain throne and discovering there is no loo paper left. I hate that! dread it and in fact may have a phobia about it given the amount of loo paper I have stashed in the house!

The unfortunate image that came to mind is some poor person, on the loo, trousers around their legs, realising they have no loo paper and that is out side. They shuffle to door, pants still around their ankles, open the door to grab the paper just as I take these shots! whoops red cheeks all round!!!!!!

In response to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #21

Thanks to Cee for the great challenges. Here are my other efforts to date in this particular Challenge.

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14 responses to “On a Roll in Tokyo – Cec’s Odd Ball Challenge #21

  1. Haha! Such a good entry for that challenge. This reminds me of some hotel rooms where they persistently leave you only half a roll every day, even when you’ve run out every single time (I usually buy my own if I’m in a stingy hotel)

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  7. Hi there! Forgive me if you’ve told me already, but have you signed up for blogging 101 and photography 101…? The pics reminded me because I’m really forgetful.


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