Hello Kitty! – Only in Japan

I was in the busy busy hub of Shibuya in Tokyo, famous for the massive shuffle crossing and the statue of Hachiko the dog. I was with the Canadians who are sadly on the last few days of their epic and intrepid month in Japan and we had just had another big day out exploring. I spotted a sweet wee girl being “trollied” along by her mum and was trying to get a good shot when the Canadians called me back.

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty is a famous Sanrio character in Japan and  has garnered fame all over the world. The merchandising of Hello Kitty is worth mega bucks.

Last year there was a bit of an uproar when it was announced that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat but a little girl????? Huh ????? I liked The New Yorker’s take on that bombshell

Today’s post is not about the world renowned Hello Kitty but rather  the real live en masse “Hello Kittys” that we came across on the way to our restaurant. There were 6 of them sitting there in their pram, oblivious to the crowds and traffic noise. They were tethered and I have to admit I wondered if they were medicated but a couple were grooming and another couple were teasing each other while the rest  just seemed content to snooze.

Only in Japan!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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