Winter Road Trip – One Word Photo Challenge – COLD

I love the crisp clear blue cold days of winter. I don’t mind layering up and I love a winter road trip. The scenery in my country of birth, NZ is spectacular with a layer of snow, just like the cold it can be breath taking.

In 2010, I did a trip with my good friend Pete. We headed over Arthur’s Pass and down the West Coast to the Glaciers. Franz Josef Glacier is hundreds and thousands of years of compressed powerful cold. As it inches forward or recedes back, it carves valleys and leaves its mark forever on the landscape.

Wanaka is one of the southern lakes and from high up on Treble Cone ski field we could enjoy the fabulous vista and see a now melted glacier’s work and how the lake was formed with the harder rock left and scarred by the grinding power of the glacier.

After driving down the coast and over to Wanaka we returned home by driving inland and up the center of the South Island. Tarras pass was bitterly cold but so picturesque.

Our journey ended back on the wide Canterbury Plains. The wind can be cutting in winter but the views across the plains are wide and the southern Alps make a stunning background.

In response to One Word Photo Challenge:Cold

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Thanks to Jennifer for these great Challenges every week. I love her work. Check it out!

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  6. I’d love to visit NZ one day. I think it’s one of the most naturally stunning countries! When I think of NZ, I imagine snow-capped mountains like these, surrounded by vast, green plains.

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