Poppy Sunday

A good friend has recently moved from the big smoke of Tokyo out to the Misaki Peninsula about an hour and half from Tokyo. Today I visited to have a catch up and check out her new digs. I’m very impressed and a smidge envious! She is by the coast and has sea views across Tokyo Bay to Chiba, there is a cool sea breeze and it is green, fresh and quiet.

We took a Sunday drive to the Kurihama Flower Park which boasts a massive field of over a million poppies. My pictures don’t show it in its full glory as it was the end of a month and half long festival and they were past their mass planted stunning best by a long shot yet there were a lot of people visiting and it was a fabulous day to go. Why????

Today the park let people come and actually pick the poppies. It was such a lovely atmosphere. There were families, young and old and every one was gathering flowers. It was so nice to see little ones been able to pick the flowers and witness their excitement. Everyone was holding bunches of flowers and it was so interesting to see how different each posy or bunch was. Little girls had flowers in their hair. People were picnicking, chatting and having a really social day. Credit to the Park for making the most of the poppies right to the end and letting people come and take the flowers free of charge.

The next floral blooming is the cosmos in autumn. I hope to get out there for those and also find the huge Godzilla who is somewhere in the park!. Watch this space and maybe in 11 months time I will go back and see the poppies at their best! But for now must say, today was pretty jolly good!

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


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