Fountain Fun – One Word Photo Challenge – WET

It is June and in Japan that means the onset of rainy season, wet, wet, wet!. My bright red gumboots and red brolly get a good work out.

Following the rainy season comes summer. Summer is also very wet in Japan, not in a rainy kind of way but in a very hot, humid, wet, sticky way. Opening my door and going outside is like stepping into a massive steam room. My walk to the station is determined by pit stops in convenience stores for a bit of air conditioned respite. I have to say summer would be my least favourite season in Japan and I usually abandon ship and travel for the latter half of July and all of August.

I think this year is going to be a stinker! Down Under they have had an unseasonably early cold snap and here in Japan we have had a very warm May and had our first typhoon of the season which was generated by warm oceans and seas. Sorry don’t get any more scientific that that!

These pictures were taken in a park after visiting the Minkaen – The Outdoor Folk Museum. It was a very hot day and a public holiday. Lots of families were out and it was lovely to see mums and dads playing with their kids.

The fountain called out to the kids like the Pied Piper. They were running and skipping through it and there was lots of giggles and laughter as they enjoyed the cool wet water on a very hot spring day.

In response to the OWPC – Wet

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