The Rainy Season 梅雨

The Rainy Season is 梅雨 in Japanese. The kanji for tsuyu is plum rain. Every where in supermarkets there are plums. It’s the season for making plum wine, plum syrup and pickled plums.

It’s also the time that the hydrangeas bloom and there are torrential down pours. The rain and the hydrangeas remind me of my nana’s garden and my hometown on the West Coast of the South Island, an area renowned for the highest rainfall in NZ

I liked these photos because I was in a busy central city location and these lovely hydrangeas were blooming. Cars were speeding past and there was the whooshing sound of water as they sped through the puddles. There I was in a city of 12 million and my thoughts were in in my home town of 8000 and with my Nan.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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