Diving in, head first.

Deep breath everyone!

I am about to do it. Yes, I am going to face the Blogging 101 Day 5 Challenge by changing my theme.

Phrases that come to mind are;

  •  Dive in, head first.
  • Take the bull by the horns
  • Open Pandora’s box
  • set a fox among the pigeons
  • Upset the apple cart

and for you Trekkies out there, a slight spoof on the opening credit

Theme, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blogship, NihongoJapango. Its Blogging 101 mission: to explore strange new themes, to seek out new looks and new ideas, to boldly go where Leanne has not gone before.

However luckily for me me the phrase “there is no going back” does not apply as I believe I am able to revert to my tried and trusted Twenty Twelve theme if need be.

One thing I have learnt about myself over the years and it has been proven once again through my blogging experience is I am not good at reading instructions. I am more of a hands on person who needs to do a task first and then identify what is wrong so I can then go and fix it. Some people would say I am impatient, I like to think I am an experiential learner!

You can imagine some of the food disasters that family and friends have endured!. Also there is a very badly constructed storage shelf at home that I must get round to pulling apart and reconstructing!

This is an exercise in learning. To be honest, I am not unhappy with the look and functionality of my blog so far. It is of course always a work in progress but I do want to learn how to change themes and have a fiddle with different options. The timing is good because I have the support of the Blogging 101 crowd from the Daily Post.

To quote Louisa May Alcott the author of Little Women,

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Wish me luck and  if you can remember the old look and have a preference or a view please let me know.

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


13 responses to “Diving in, head first.

  1. I like this one better. The only critiques I have is making the print actually black and using the whole screen if there’s any way to spread out the columns further if possible. I like the white background as well , very clean.


    • Thanks Trudy, I was playing around with colour but came back to the default.

      Am trying to figure out how to change the font colouring . @susurrus has given me some info on that.
      whole screen thing is now on the list!
      How is doing 2 course going? I am saving the photo one for next time!

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      • I like it but then again I always like the courses because it forces me too look at things differently..and also to try to make the mundane interesting and fit the daily prompts.

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  2. Brave. When I started my blog in April 2014 there was an option to try on the theme so see how it looks but now I don’t think it’s the same any more. One time when I reverted to another theme, I lost some images due to resizing and some things looked spooky. Now but so much uploaded material I’d hate going through it all to see that not only it’s worse but there are errors in formatting. Not wishing to scare you, rather applaud. Something tells me that I will do it too one day, just not yet.


  3. They both seem pretty clean to me. This one is a little more business like than the other which seemed a bit more artistic, but that is about all I can say. They both look good.


    • Thanks Josh Just playing with it now. It is called Oxygen. I like how the whole post doesn’t show but realise that this is directed as a photo blog because if there is no photo in the piece then it just shows up as a blah blank. The other theme defaulted to my I love Japan logo

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