Where does your inspiration come from for your blog? How do you come up with new ideas for your posts? What inspires you?

A smile inspires me. If I see something and it makes me smile I remember it. Since starting blogging I have taken to carrying my camera around with me again. As things make me smile I snap a shot in case it develops not only into a photo but into a post too.

Reading inspires me, a good novel, your words. When I see something well written it reminds me of my love for words and I find myself wanting to put pen to paper too (sounds better than crank up the computer and type something!)

Blogging challenges inspire me. I have about five different Photo Blogging Challenges (P.B.C) I try to take part in regularly a week. They get me thinking and ideas spark. You can find them in My categories under P.B.C. They are so much fun, I get to see others work and people kindly pop in to check out my posts too. I encourage you to try sometime especially if you are looking for somewhere to start.

Your blogs inspire me!  Su’s post for the vivid photo challenge was my inspiration for this partictular post. Your blogs not only inspire content, they give me ideas for outings, future travel destinations, photographic angles, holiday reading picks and in Su’s case lunch! After enjoying her post I had to head to the supermarket and grab a french loaf! Su is also my inspiration for a post in the pipeline, my local supermarket. I am going to take you all shopping with me sometime

For now “Itadakimasu”, the Japanese equivalent of Bon Appetit or two, four, six,eight bog in don’t wait!”

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


6 responses to “Inspiration!

  1. Thank you so much for the mention Leanne. Now I can’t wait for your supermarket post. I have shameless and abiding love for foreign supermarkets and often end up spending ridiculous amounts of time and money there. We spent five days in Bordeaux earlier in the year, and our “local” was a three storey Auchan. My son and I were in heaven!

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