It’s a Small World after all!

No I am not going to subject you to Disney’s “It’s a small world after all” But I do love that ride. It’s a classic!

I was just checking out Johanna’s post “Feet in the Right Place” and the striking similarities between the Californian landscape, the Australian outback and other places I have visited like Fish Canyon in South Africa really hit me.

The Three Olgas

The Three Olgas

Got me thinking about school days and geography lessons. I love the thought that originally we were all from the same place. It is fascinating and the way the continents have formed, the unbelievable pressures the earth has been subjected to and how even to this day natural forces and disasters are shaping our physical earth. I remember watching videos ( in the day) like this you tube clip.

In 2009 I did an outback safari with my dear friend K. She always gets me away on the most unusual and usually physical holidays. There was a 100 km river trip in a Canadian canoe. I think we must have paddled about 130 km because we couldn’t keep the jolly thing straight! In 2010, an overland trip through the desert on a camel with no name. Actually I think my camel was called Roy and last year the ultimate, a Mount Kilimanjaro climb!

Outback? safari?  ok, I thought, a bit of camping can’t be bad, right? My visions of a comfortable tent were soon dashed,  we were sleeping out under the stars in a swag, an Aussie version of a big canvas sleeping bag roll with a a foam mattress. Pretty comfortable actually but I was a tad freaked out at the thought of snakes and other creepy crawly cold blooded reptile like creatures looking for a warm place to spend the night! One morning I scrambled over a sand hill for my morning ablutions olnly to come face to face with a really large bovine who was making menacing noises. Having said that we had a blast.

We of course saw Uluru, Ayers rock but the landscape that Johanna’s photos remind me of are the Kings Canyon and The three Olgas. What do you think Johanna?

Geographically although our oceans are vast and our lands wide, there are scientifically proven links to different landscapes, people and cultures. Our world is not that big in the bigger picture and in the technological age we are closer than ever. Today alone I have talked to and learnt from more than 5 people from all over the world.

At times we despair for big things like the environment and world peace. Just be your best, people. Reach out to others, be kind and tolerant and considerate and remember – It is a small world, It’s your world, explore it, love it and appreciate it!

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