Humour in quotes

My third post in reply to the snow melts somewhere‘s challenge. Thank you!

The challenge:

Post a quote for 3 consecutive days.


~ Thank the person who nominated you
~ Pass the “golden whisk” on to 3 people, or my version an open invite for you to write a post and share a quote. Please be sure to post a link in my comment box!

Yesterday’s quote was one full of wisdom by the very humble but oh so wise Dalai Lama. Today’s quote does indeed have its own wisdom but also as one expects from Ellen, it also has humour.

Balance 2

Many of my past posts are about travels and I always take great pleasure in joking about some of the full on physical trips my friend K seems to rope me into. However it must be said that every trip has ended in a little bit of luxury and pampering, The perfect end to challenging but super fun trips with good company and excellent adventures.

After the outback we spent 4 days tall ship sailing in the Whitsundays, after Kilimanjaro and our safari we relaxed on Zanzibar, a jewel in the Indian Ocean known as the spice isle, our upcoming NZ cycle trip finishes with a spa and a facial. She has a good sense of balance when it comes to planning a memorable journey!

Yes life is good, now if only I could tilt that life balance a little more in the travel direction with a little less work!

Salut, Cheers, kanpai. For you travelling linguists out there who like a bevvy or 3, I have added an invaluable lexicon of how to say “Cheers!” in 50 different languages

A Tequila Sunrise with a Zanzibar Sunset. Blissful balance!  Just saying…..

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


13 responses to “Humour in quotes

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  4. Another good one, Leanne, but I’m a bit jealous of your tall ships adventure and the upcoming NZ one. NZ is on our list of places we definitely want to go one day, hopefully sooner, rather than later. But with a daughter with a year of college left… 🙂



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