Wind generator – One word Challenge – Wind

Hold your heart, oh traveler, tightly in mighty hands! Mine nearly descended, shivering with pleasure. Restless thundering masses thrown upon masses, ear and eye, whither can they save themselves in such an uproar?

Translation of poem bu Eduard Friedrich Morike (8 September 1804 – 4 June 1875)

These lofty words by the German Romantic poet Eduard Friedrich Morike describe the mighty and powerful Rhine falls which are considered to be the largest plain falls in Europe.

The pure mass and force of the water flow generates a thunderous tumult which seems to push it’s own swirling wind and spray ahead as the river continuously surges and buffets its way down stream.

Small Rhinefall

I traveled from Germany over the border to Schaffhausen in Northern Switzerland with my friend “S” who together with her mum looked after me in Germany and guided me around. From Schaffhausen we went by bus to these very impressive falls and they were spectacular. The spray swirling in the air, borne by the water generated wind was refreshing and the Swiss flag was always flying proudly proclaiming its sovereignty over forceful nature.

Small Rhine fall

It is here, dear people that my mind takes rather a juvenile and possibly crass turn. The theme wind, together with this seemingly innocuous, not particularly outstanding picture of a tourist boat send me off on a tangent. Thoughts of my friend’s young son and my rather proper grandmother spring to mind, neither of whom I have traveled to Germany or Switzerland with before!. So what is the connection between the wind, little “J” and my Nana?

Small Rundfahrt

I saw the German word, Rundfahrt on the boat and remembered, how hilarious young “J” found the word “fart” as I am sure many young kids do! Indeed a fart is wind, albeit of the bodily kind. Memories of nana pop up, “Leanne, a young lady does not fart, she passes wind”

So there we have it 2 very different kinds of wind, both generated by nature, both unstoppable. Rundfahrt, by the way, means round trip or tour!

In response to the OWPC Wind

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