Old fashioned – Nordic style

Oslo proved to be a fascinating and very cultural city. The Munch Museum and the Vigeland Sculpture Installation in Frogner Park were mind blowing.

My two favourite museums were the Viking Ship Museum and the Norsk Folkemuseum

The Viking Ship Museum has a wealth of well presented information on not only the Vikings but Norway’s maritime history.There are 3 incredible archaeological finds in the form of viking Burial ships. The Tune ship was the first viking ship to be excavated and it dates back to 900 AD. The Oseburg ship dates back to 820 AD,   the Gokstad ship came from a burial mound dating back to 900 AD too. Now if that is not old fashioned I am not sure what is!

The Outdoor Norwegian  Folk Museum was a delight. They have over 160 buildings dating from medieval times through to modern day. The stave church from Gol is dated circa 1200 AD.These wonderful buildings show old fashioned artisan wood working techniques and exhibit some unique carved ornamentation.

There were people in old fashioned clothes demonstrating old fashioned daily life, music, dancing and displays of old fashioned toys, utensils and clothes. There was an interesting display on the traditional lifestyle of the Laplander.  Exhibits and collections date from the 16th century to modern day.

While these two museums show what may considered old fashioned and part of history now, it was at its time cutting edge technology and innovative.

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