Himeji Castle, a place with more than 4 stories to tell.

Himeji Castle is my favourite castle in Japan.At 6 stories, it meets the criteria for this week’s challenge, a building over 4 stories tall but what fascinates me is its beauty and its long rich history. I am sure if the spirits who roam its halls could speak we would hear many more than 4 tall stories.

Himeji castle is beautifully preserved. Many castles I have visited look wonderful from the outside but are concrete shells inside. Himeji has retained its integrity and is wooden throughout. Luckily unlike many Japanese castles Himeji was not destroyed during the war. Preservation work has been done over the years but every effort has been made to use traditional techniques.

The castle is also known as Shirasagijo or the White Heron Castle due to its beautiful white walls and elegant silhouette.

Originally in response to Sunday Stills Next Challenge Buildings over 4 stories tall. This challenge has finished after a long seven year run so I have removed the link as the page ino longer exists. Thanks to Ed for all his time and effort.

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