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I found my travel plans changed at the very last minute due to the 2011 Spring Uprising in the Middle East and ended up in Costa Rica having done no background research into the place at all. I found an old Lonely planet in the Y.H.A in San Hose so had a tiny flick through. Embarrassing as it is, I turned up in Costa Rica not realising  it was such a mecca of Eco-tourism.

As I browsed the Lonely planet, Cloud forests, Volcanoes, Lakes and national parks jumped out and my world trip was about to begin in earnest.

I found one of best accommodation discoveries to date. The San Luis Ecolodge is in Monte Verde of Costa Rica, It is run by the University of Georgia. I went there for about 5 days. It was amazing. I had a very nice bungalow and 3 great meals a day.Included in my accomodation were the most amazing activities with the various graduate and research students who were staying and working there. I got to go bird watching, trekking, creepy crawly insect hunting we found a real live tarantula!, which I might add did not seem so jolly tiny face to face!

It was here my exploration of tiny Costa Rica began. Tiny discoveries continued in Arenal, and ElCastillo. Birds, frogs, spiders, webs, fungi, flowers, monkeys lizards, butterflies, tiny insect eating plants all fascinating in their own tiny ways.

This is just a tiny taster of the many things to see and do in Costa Rica. I’d love to return some day.

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