Street Art – Sunday Stills ~ The Next Challenge

Earth without art is just Eh

I am not sure who said that but I like it!

I love and appreciate art in many forms. One of the things I love about living in Tokyo is the huge amount of museums and exhibitions on at any one one time. I recently took a group of students to a Rene Magritte exhibition at the National Art Center of Tokyo. The building itself to me is massive piece of modern art.  I see modern art in architecture, street performances, advertising posters, it is everywhere around us

Often when travelling the best art I see is free, it’s the street art. The Berlin wall and the East side Gallery, Penang has street art which can fill days, an alley in Melbourne that has become a massive canvas. Street art, can give insight into politics, youth culture, public concerns and celebrations. Street art can be used to brighten and involve the community in areas of neglect.

With this challenge Ed has inspired me to explore my photos of street art further. I will be making more posts as I sort through my pictures. Today I would like to share some shots from Brussels in Belgium. It is the home of Tintin, the smurfs and where the EU Parliament resides.

Originally in response to Sunday Stills – Next Challenge Modern Art . This challenge has finished after a long seven year run so I have removed the link as the page ino longer exists. Thanks to Ed for all his time and effort.

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