A Menagerie of Odd Balls

This is my first post in a while as I have been out of internet range for a week in the countryside of Victoria, Australia escorting a school group of 48 Japanese students on a farmstay visit. The kids were spread far and wide on a 13 farms of varying sizes from small 12 acre hobby farms to substantial 2000 acre blocks, true working farms. They all had one wonderful thing in common and that was the warm hearted, genuine welcome my students received. The students had the most amazing experiences and there were tears when I picked them all up today for the trip back to Melbourne.

For 4 full days I and 2 colleagues drove round and visited the farms. We passed through many small quaint farming communities and towns. These odd bods were taken in Trentham down a wee side alley. Trentham was has a sweet wee shopping street with many high quality goods, lovely coffee shops and art and crafts type place to browse through. It is a weekend destination for many city folks wanting to get away for the day.

These rather diverse large concrete garden ornaments didn’t really seem to fit in with the old historic town vibe and it was difficult to figure out a theme with figures ranging from a Zen Buddha, a panda, a dinosaur skeleton, a variety of African animals  to Spiderman

Menagerie (3)  Menagerie (2)

Menagerie (4)

In response to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #28

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


4 responses to “A Menagerie of Odd Balls

  1. Interesting ….ornaments 🙂 What a wonderful experience for your students.

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