Butterfly Safari!

What a stunning winter day! I have abandoned the Japanese hot muggy summer for winter at home with family and friends.

This afternoon was a warm calm day. My sister heard Monarch Butterflies were out en masse at the Rawhiti Reserve. Dad, my sister and I embarked on a monarch safari. Here are our “game” shots

Family and Butterflies! A great day.

Originally In response to Sunday Stills Going Buggy. This long running challenge and the page have now been shut down so I have removed my link. Thanks to Ed for the massive effort over 7 years!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


9 responses to “Butterfly Safari!

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    • Thanks Janet. Sitting her with mum on one side and dad on the other and they are both feet up, heads back and snoring like steam trains! Love it lol. So nice to be home!


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