Someone else’s Trinket – Trinket and Memories #9

I can’t lay claim to this trinket but these photos will always make me remember my trip with 48 Japanese students to the farming communities outside of Melbourne Victoria in Australia and my own very special stay at Cedar Rise Farm nearing Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia.

My students were farmstayed on 14 different farms. My colleagues and I were hosted by Roy and Mary on the beautiful Cedar Rise Farm. Roy and Mary have a stunning home and lifestyle block. They are warm welcoming and offer the most wonderful hospitality to their guests. Their home and garden are filled with beautiful artwork and antiques, each with wonderful memories, associations and tales attached. They are a family of artists and many of the pieces were painted by family and there were some wonderful garden sculptures some of which had been cast by Roy. The landscaping is stunning and the property was ringed with gorgeous drywalls made by Roy with local stone. These are works of art in themselves. Mary is an excellent cook every day was a gastronomic treat. Roy and Mary are very well travelled, fabulous dinners were accompanied by dinner conversation which was lively and informed.

During my stay Roy and Mary shared tales and memories of past travels and the stories behind the artwork and trinkets. On entering their property I was greeted by a big bronze sculpture of a skier. The family are keen skiers and have skied all over the world. It turned out they commissioned the sculpture based on a small china trinket they had picked up in small second hand shop in Italy. I just loved this idea! For them I am sure this small trinket and wonderful Garden Sculpture hold very special memories of family trips and European skiing adventures. For me these photos and any similar china figures I come across in the future will make me think of the the wonderful stay I had at Cedar Rise Farm.

If you are ever in Australia and looking for very special accommodation outside of Melbourne, you can find Mary and Roy on airbnb. They have 2 lovely self contained accommodation options The Stables and The Barn House.

I highly recommend!

In response to the Trinkets and Memories Challenge hosted by me! Please check it out and join in!

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3 responses to “Someone else’s Trinket – Trinket and Memories #9

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  2. The little china seems like it’s calling “Weeee I’m skiing!!” and those stone sculptures are amazing, what a lovely commemoration by Roy about their travel memories!


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