The Lorax, The Truffula Trees and a story of environmental sustainability

I have just completed a 3 day cycle trip on the Hauraki rail trail in the North Island of New Zealand ( thus the sparsity of recent posts!). What a fabulous trip! I was cycling with 2 old friends from my high school days and another was our support crew in the car. We have had a hoot. There are more posts and pictures to come.

Trufflea tree

The last remaining Truffula Trees ?

Yesterday, on our last day we saw these trees in the distance and I was instantly transported to the world of Dr Suess and the story of the Lorax and the Truffula trees. For those who have never read it, I highly recommend you source this children’s at a local library. It is not only a fun book for the kids to read but also has a strong underlying and very relevant message about responsible sustainability and the impact of commercial greed on the habitats of animals and the surrounding environment. I must try and find out if that was Dr Suess’s original intention?

Here is a 1972 animation of the Lorax which is on You Tube. More recently a movie was made starring Danny Devito.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


2 responses to “The Lorax, The Truffula Trees and a story of environmental sustainability

  1. Hi Leanne, I loved to learn that you cycle, as I do too. This trip might have been beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing more posts on that.
    Secondly, I loved the movie. I hadn’t ever seen it. It’s amazing how timeless the message is, unfortunately.
    By the way, are these trees almost extinct? They look so tall and gorgeous.


    • Glad you enjoyed the Animation. The book is a great read! These particular trees are no where near extinct. They are a palm of some kind. It was just the way there three standing alone on the landscape that made me think of the Lorax story.


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