Peru – Travel trinkets and Memories #10

Challenge Outline

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am going to try and host one myself. I am not sure how long it will last but would love it if you could take part!  Please click here for the challenge outline. Please post a link to your post on this page and I will make sure I put it on my challenge page for others to see too!

I look forward to checking out your posts!

So without further adieu here is my 10th trinket.

2010 – Peru – Carved Gourd

I bought this little beauty in Cuzco after completing the Inca Trail. I love the detail. These carved gourds have a story telling history dating back 1000’s of years. Carvers recorded Andean celebrations, oral traditions, rituals, myths, and weddings.

I love this one because every time I examine in I see the Inca ruins, llamas, the mountains and  the Peruvian legends about the Sun God, the Puma and the snake which we were told during our trek and more. It  fits in the palm of my hand yet is so detailed. It was made by hand and by a Peruvian artisan. I see something new every time I pick it up. It is one of my true travel treasures.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


14 responses to “Peru – Travel trinkets and Memories #10

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  2. Wow! That is crazy. And what an incredible trinket to find. Great post and I’m loving your challenge.


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