Towers and Turrets of Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. I traveled from Stockholm to St Petersburg by ship and had a lovely afternoon visiting Estonia and the the medieval old town of Tallinn.  The cobbled streets, beautiful churches and wonderful stone walls were reminiscent of Disney castles and damsels in distress trapped in the towers and turrets of Tallinn.

Originally in response to Sunday Stills – the next challenge – the letter T. This challenge has finished after a long seven year run so I have removed the link as the page ino longer exists. Thanks to Ed for all his time and effort

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      • I’m curious to know, what is an average spend per day in these countries?
        And what was the rough cost of your trip?
        The reason I ask is because I plan group trips 2-3 times a year with fellow travelers from Dubai; where I’m based now.


        • Gee I am not sure to be honest. I was away for a whole year so was not really buying things as it meant I had to lug things around. It was a very different dynamic from a 2 or 3 week trip. Some countries were super cheap and some very expensive like Switzerland, the UK and Scandivnavia. Things were cheaper in terms of accomodation when I hooked up with friends as we could share a hotel room etc but when I was by myself I often stayed in hostels. My main costs were food and accomodation. I did do some package tours which are not the cheapest way to travel but made things easier in countries like India where i was not sure about traveling by myself as a female traveler. I was in a position where I was not so worried about money. Although I am not an extravagant traveler in terms of accommodation etc, I made the decision if I wanted to do something I would do it as I was not sure if I would ever have the chance again. I got a qantas round the world ticket which was about $4000 NZ dollars. I had to lock in my destinations but could change dates for no charge if seats were available. Destinations could be changed but there was a charge for that. I think I probably blew about $50,000 NZ dollars . That was in 2010. If I had have done the same trip last year it would have been cheaper because of exchange rates. My sister did a world trip the year before and she had a firm budget in her head and I think she came in under. I am pretty sure she spent a year travelling for under $30,000 NZ dollars. She choose countries that were cheaper to travel in and didn’t spend as much time in Europe as I did.
          Estinia was just really an afternoon 4 or 5 hour stop over on our boat trip over to Saint Petersburg so we just really wandered and had a snack in a cute cafe. wasn’t so much a daily spend and afternoon tea!


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