My List of Lists

My niece and nephews bought me a great “List Block” for Christmas and every time I make a list I think of them. Tonight I used it to pen a List of Lists in response to Day 2 of the Writing 101 course I am participating in.


Without further adieu I present,

 My List of Lists and things I have learned about myself and life in general.

A Grocery List  

I have been told it is a good tool to aid budgeting. When I compare my list to my final purchase I can say with all honesty I am an impulse buyer and a sucker for advertising and stock shelf placement!

A List of Ingredients

Dang! why wasn’t that on the Grocery List?????

A To Do List

I am guilty of starting with a couple of things I have already completed. Instant satisfaction!I have yet to complete one!

A Present Shopping List

I am not good at these. I actually prefer to buy family and friends a present for no special reason or occasion other than it makes me smile and think of them.

A Don’t Forget List  

I usually forget where I have put it!

A Name List

Good in theory but I still have to remember the faces

A Menu

Sometimes I can be very indecisive and it is worse on an empty stomach. Bad timing, right!

A Packing List

I inevitably forget something but as long as I have my passport and a credit card I will make my destination and can always purchase what I need.

A Bucket List

I am making inroads but every road I take has signs pointing to new things for the list. I don’t find this frustrating as I have no plans to kick the bucket. Rather I will embrace the bucket! Viva la Bucket!

Best Dressed Lists

I am not cut out to be a fashion junkie, I find myself thinking “what on earth are they wearing?”

Ten Most Wanted List

They are not only in the Wild West movies my dad watches but also in Japan. I am happy to say no one on the Japan list is a personal acquaintance

Flight Departure and Arrival board 

When transiting or stopping over make sure your watch is in the right time zone!

Required Reading Lists

These can take the joy out of reading.

A List of Rules

This can bring out the rebel in me.

A List of Goals

My goals are constantly changing.

A Spelling List

Thank goodness for spell check!

The Top Ten Hits

I am getting older!

Electoral Roll

Just because people are on the roll doesn’t mean they exercise their right to vote. I find this sad.

A Waiting List

I can be a very impatient person at times.

Must Have Lists

I am satisfied with less these days.

A Wish List

As I get older I feel more settled and satisfied and now often my wishes are for others

And on that note I am going to leave you with a song called “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts and which definitely on my list of favourite songs because of the beautiful lyrics.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


17 responses to “My List of Lists

  1. Look at all those lists! Truthfully, I love making lists of all kinds. Especially fun ones, like packing for vacation.


  2. Leanne, I really like your list! Your descriptions of the line times made me smile- such a great start to the day!


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