Black Humour

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

The task to share Monochromatic images.

I flicked through many of my existing photos I found a nice series of Dusty Tawny gold from African Safari photos but they were all taken from afar.

I tried to get a series with each one reflecting the colour of the rainbow.

I was inspired by grey, Industrial grey, steel grey, stone grey and silver grey as I alighted from my train this evening but the light was getting bad and the shots I snapped did not do it justice, despite the nice angles and shapes.

I got home and was just about to plug into the net when I saw my models. Here they are!

They bought a smile to my face as soon as I saw them. They represent  my travels, my workplace, my friends, my love for NZ and Japan and they are my perfect monochromatic subject matter.

You see, things are not always what they seem. What do you see? A bunch of tacky cheap colourful souvenir pens? Hardly Monochromatic to the purist’s eye.

But to me they are all same, every single one of them. These pens are all monochromatic as every single one of them is a black pen. To really push the silly envelope, there an “All Black” rugby pen in there somewhere.

Tonight that is about as black as my humour gets people! Hope your weekend is treating you well.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


4 responses to “Black Humour

  1. Hehe. Nice take on the theme. I’m a bit OCD about pen (and other writing implements), especially the ink colour. So I’ll ask someone to get me “a black pen” and then end up with a whole confused “no, no, the silver one — it’s black.” My family despair!

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      • I’m so relieved to have finally found a place where I’m not alone with my bag of (colored) pens and the necessity to write as though it is the air I breathe! I have run across a few people who are this way, however, they are few (here in my area of the desert, anyway!)

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