Thought Bubbles

thought bubble

Where do I write? Describe the place where you write?

I write in a place of unlimited imagination. My writing starts with a thought, from something, someone, somewhere I have seen, heard, touched, smelt, tasted, read, photographed or remembered. I write in a space as big as outer space, it knows no bounds but it is an inner space.  I write in my head, a space that is uniquely my own and different on any given day depending on my mood or circumstances.

Thoughts are unleashed, words flow in my head, turns of phrase evolve, a plan is devised my baby post conceived and it begins to grow until it is born.

It becomes a more physical entity once I start entering those words on my computer. Like a baby it grows and develops. The words change and the piece becomes it own “person”.

Just like a child, the place were this growing up occurs is varied. My bedroom, my workplace, the living room and sometimes I need literal food for thought so I hang out in a coffee shop.

While sometimes my writing comes from my heart, it is first and foremost written in my head and then it spills onto the computer screen. As the words hit the screen I am reading them aloud in my head. Changes are made, my head goes off on a tangent.  Then at a push of a button, the writing from my thought bubbles and head space are shared on the blogosphere with you.

From my head space and thought bubbles to your eyes. Godspeed dear words!

thought process

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5 responses to “Thought Bubbles

    • Thanks Anand. I am not sure I meant to be deep and meaningful, just realised that most of the work was already done in my head every before I sat down to produce. I have a about 2 hours commuting a day on crowded trains so it is almost meditative to be able to take myself into that head space! I never really sit in front of the computer and think I have to write something. I sit there because I have something to write. thanks for commenting!


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