And I still have over half my life to live!

A Momma’s View asked the very interesting question

 Isn’t it crazy how much people struggle with getting older? And by that I don’t mean with the fact that the years you have still ahead of you are getting less. I kind of get that. What I mean is the fact that so many people struggle with the idea of facing the physical change. All the little changes our body goes through. I wonder why that is the case.

I wonder too.

I guess I am definitely a “cup half full ” type of girl as I am nearing 50 and judging by my post title I’m planning on living into my 100’s.

I look at the progress in medical breakthroughs and think everyday my days are getting longer not less!

I have to admit now, in my late 40’s, my skin care regime is better than in my 20’s, that is to say I have the semi-semblance of one and I do think about my weight and how to get it down and then maintain it at a healthy level. That is a work in progress. However this is not a “Dorian Gray” scream for attention or an effort to be “Benjamin Button” rather it is an effort to stay healthy so I can enjoy and look forward to all the wonderful things life will have to offer me on my journey.

Aging is a fact of life, it doesn’t scare me. I find it quite intriguing. The grey hairs are beginning to appear. I am not that keen to hide them with dye. I am kind of interested to see if I will go that kind of “salt and pepper” and then one day realise my hair is white like my dad’s.

A recent week away with good friends was refreshing. We have aged together since we met at 13 years old and while 35 years have passed it only seems like yesterday we were in our teens, 20’s and 30’s. As the adage goes “age is only a number”. We all have our health, we are financially secure, we have many more shared experiences and we know how to have a good time. The onset of wrinkles can’t dampen that!

Some of my most exciting adventures have been in my 40’s. I did the Inca trail, Went hiking in Nepal, Climbed Mt Kinabalu and Mt Kilimanjaro, I took a year off to travel in 2011 and made the decision to come back and teach in Japan.

I guess I can only speak for myself and my wrinkles when I say I love them because with wrinkles and age comes confidence and self assurance. Having said that the predominance of make-over reality shows, obsession with skincare products and number of beauty procedures surgical or otherwise may make for a valid counter argument.

Like Momma, I find a satisfaction and beauty in the aging process. It tells my story. I remember as a child sitting with my Nan and playing with her hands, I loved the way her skin would move. Those aged hands had baked scones, grown vegetables, sewn clothes, turned many a page, raised a family and soothed grandchildren, I too think we should cherish the aging process and all the milestones it brings!

Do I want to turn back the clock? Hell no! I am enjoying life and I am looking forward to the many adventures I will have in my 50’s 60’s 70′ and 80’s.

Do I want the skin of a 20 old?  Been there, done that, loved it and looking forward to the rest, wrinkles and all!

Just saying!

What’s your take on aging?

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23 responses to “And I still have over half my life to live!

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  2. I love your optimism here. I’m 24, so I can’t say much, but my body has changed a lot in the past couple years. Losing that teenage glow and becoming a woman I suppose. The adage with age comes wisdom does ring true though. I enjoy maturing, caring less and less about what the world thinks of me, and learning more about the world around me. I can only imagine that all that will get better as life goes on.

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  5. I like your thought path right now…With wrinkles and age comes confidence and self assurance; I’m 34 but could still use some self assurance when it comes to the aging part. I think there’s a part of me that has a ‘fear of the unknown’ like as we get older. There are many other things that I’m insecure of, as in my blog: But I like you’re perspective; I should really embrace aging instead of being fearful…

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  7. Awesome Post, Leanne! I’m almost 40!!! Wow, I don’t feel almost 40! Your words are so true about how to embrace the wrinkles and gray hair. I’ve had gray hair for a long time and it’s to the point my hairdresser has stopped pointing out all the new grays every time she does my hair. Aging is just another aspect to life and to fight it seems like more trouble than anything! Worrying about it will just give us more wrinkles!
    I much enjoyed reading your post!

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  8. I really enjoyed your post. I think that age is just a number, and it’s down to the individual to make the most of every day. Like you, I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro in my 40s, and am looking for a new challenge as I head towards 50. We’ve been granted an extraordinary opportunity in the era we live, and we should make the most of it I think.

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  9. I always say age is a state of mind but you just can’t physically deny it. It’s cool how you are okay with getting older, aging gracefully, I have to add, while others cringe at the idea of having wrinkles and gray hair.


  10. This is such an uplifting post, Leanne! I can only hope I’m enjoying life as much as you are when I’m in my 40s! What did you think about being in your 30s? Any words of wisdom for someone turning 30 next year?? 🙂


    • Funny really I never have put any stock on age. I have friends in their 20’s who come and stay and friends in their 70’s who have been to visit. For me it all about a person’s attitude and outlook on life. Like I said friends and I caught up recently. We were chatting and the subject came up that were all close to turning 50. Conversation stopped, eyes widened and we burst out laughing. Seems bizarre to say I am almost 50. Not because I am worried about it just that age has never stopped me doing what I want, whether I was young or the age I am now.


  11. What an inspiring post! So many amazing adventures in your 40’s!
    I think our culture tends to lean towards a preoccupation with youth, whereas ageing isn’t celebrated as much – the fact that we’ve made it this far should be reason enough 😀
    A wonderful read, thank you.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I think this period of life is the age of freedom and self confidence! I am past worryig about what others think. I of course can take advise and views on board but I am now of an age where I decide for myself and am happy to go with the consequences!

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