A “Dear John” Letter

Letters. letters of the alphabet, letters making up words, words making up letters.

There are so many kinds of letters out there. Letters of application, resignation, notification, apology, thanks, emails, notes, open letters, postcards, letters to the editor and love letters to name a few.

My flurry of daily posts is due to my participation in an online writing course through The Daily Post, a blogger’s blog. Today’s task is to write a letter. I am loving this course so much my work is beginning to take a back seat! Marking is piling up and today’s effort at a big tidy up at home will just have to wait! So here is my tongue in cheek version of a “Dear John” letter to work, in a karaoke version. Please sing along with the revised lyrics.

“A Dear Work Letter”

Dear Work
oh how I hate to write
Dear Work
 I must let you know tonight
That my love for you has dried like the ink within my pen
And this month I wed another, Dear Work
Dear Work
I was sitting on her desk
when the realisation caught up with me.
and they forwarded me a message,
Why,I was as chuffed as could be.
for the marking was all ready
and the red pen on her desk
then I clicked on the link
 and it started, Dear Work
Dear Work
You were steadfast in my life
Dear Work, when this wonder called to me
They send me mail everyday
and I am happy as can be
And This month I wed another, Dear Work
Dear Work

Will you please give me back my time,

my beloved wants it now
And when I tell you who  I love,
well you won’t care dear anyhow
Now the course has started and I am wed to Writing 101
Will you wish us happy scribbling forever, Dear Work.

And tonight I wed Writing                                                                                                                                                   101

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