Box of Memories – My Trinkets and Memories #17

Challenge Outline

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am now hosting one myself.I would love it if you could take part! This is the 17th week to date.  Please click here for the challenge outline. Please post a link to your post on this page and I will make sure I put it on my challenge page for others to see too!

I look forward to checking out your posts!

So without further adieu here is my 17th trinket.

Traditional Japanese Yosegi Zaiku Box

This lovely jewelry box not only contains my frippery, trinkets and jewels but it holds fond memories of my dear friends who gave it to me and one of favourite places to visit in Japan.

It is made using special traditional Japanese technique called Yosegi Zaiku that is special to an area called Hakone. Hakone is an easy 2 hour trip from my home and I have been there many times with guests as they come to visit. In fact I just returned this evening after two lovely nights and 3 days of exploring.

Hakone offers hot springs, hiking, wonderful views of Mt Fuji, good food, fine museums, nature and greenery and a fascinating samurai history. I love it because there are so many activities for every type of person. I have hiked the ancient samurai way that led from Edo to Kyoto, sailed on a pirate ship on Lake Ashi, had green tea served to me in an ancient tea house, taken a cable car up the hill to be stunned by the beauty of Mt Fuji as it suddenly appeared as we came over the crest, wandered through a large park full of stunning sculptures and soaked in the hot springs after a big day sightseeing.

Yosegi Zaiku is a type of marquetry which takes local woods such as Camphor, cherry and cedar and puts them together in elaborate patterns which make the most of the natural colours of the wood. Once a block is made a very thin sheet is planed off. This is sealed on the surface of the box.  There are many beautiful Yosegi Zaiku products to be found in this area.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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