Happier, Healthier and Productive.

I was recently inspired by A Momma’s View to write a post my view on aging. I got some great responses from my fellow bloggers. Momma’s view has yet again given me food for thought by sharing an amazing TED Talk by Tracey Spicer called “The lady stripped bare.”  I encourage you  to follow the  link to Momma’s page and watch this video.

Momma’s quote from the video struck a chord with me. Tracey Spicer challenges us to think about the expectations with regard to appearance that are placed on us as women. I like that she admits that being completely stripped bare is not likely to happen in a professional situation but that perhaps we should think of the time, money, energy spent on achieving a certain appearance and reassess where to draw the line.

I also found this quote very inspiring and it linked with a meme I had just saved prior to watching the video.

“Think about all the things you could be doing, writing a book, meditating,spending time with family, learning how to surf, learning how to sing, doing a Masters, doing a P.H.D …..” – Tracey Spicer

do what you want

Grooming and primping, to meet society’s expectations of how a woman should be, are not necessarily the best use of our precious time. Just saying!

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