Essential Oil Burner – Ireland- My Trinkets and Memories #19

Challenge Outline

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am now hosting one myself.I would love it if you could take part! This is the 19th week to date.  Please click here for the challenge outline. Please post a link to your post on this page and I will make sure I put it on my challenge page for others to see too!

I look forward to checking out your posts!

So without further adieu here is my 19th trinket.

Essential Oil Burner – Ireland

Jolineys’ post “Getting into the Fall Spirit” helped me choose this week’s trinket. The first thing on her list of fall favourites was a scented candle. As I read her post I glanced at my bedside essential oil burner and the two bottles of Essential oil blends I use. Memories of the “Emerald Isle came flooding back.

This wee treasure came from Ireland. I spent 2 weeks there in August 2013. I flew into a little place called Knock, chosen solely because the flight was ridiculously cheap and picked up a rental car for 2 weeks.

My trip was not planned to any detail at all. All I knew was I wanted to drive the Ring of Kerry and I had to be back in Dublin by a certain day to fly out.

If I saw anything that interested me I stopped, I visited places as as I heard of them from other travelers. I stumbled on places by total mistake. It was a glorious two weeks, I picked up a young Canadian hitchhiker who became my navigator. I just told her if she was happy to tag along she was welcome and if she wanted to branch off anywhere just to say. At one point on the Ring of Kerry, we picked up 2 German sisters as well for the ride. It was a cheerful chatty car!

I discovered Cong in County Mayo which was the location of a John Wayne film called “The Quiet Man”. I was there for my birthday. It is also the home of Ashford Castle which I discovered completely by accident has a school of Falconry. I treated myself to an afternoon with a falconer and his bird and learnt all about flying one of these magnificent birds.

We took a detour based on a road billboard to this fascinating tin soldier casting factory. All the soldier and models were hand painted. The was an NZ connection as they had a considerable amount of Lord of the Rings merchandise based on the movie characters. I bought my neice and nephews a hand painted hand cast Christmas decoration each.

We found the Burren Perfumery which was set in a stunning landscape and who’s product story is natural and interesting.

My oil burner was found on a winding country road. The potter has a sign outside his drive. It necessitated a U turn. It was a small very noncommercial business.  I loved the glaze on the piece and I love how the bowl is deep enough that my water doesn’t evaporate in a hurry. I remember  chatting with the potter as I enjoyed seeing his wares and handling the pottery.

I arrived in Dublin, a beautiful city. I did a great city walking tour and on the way bought the essential oils.

On my last night, I met up with my dear Canadian friends who I first met in 2011 in Costa Rica! It was their first night of their Irish adventure. I love how travel has introduced me to so many wonderful people. The intrepid Canadians made it over to visit me in May 2015 and indeed have be good blog fodder! Their adventures to the Sumo, the tea house, the Rainbow Bridge and the discovery of the Hello Kitty man are chronicled in my May posts. Digressing but this is how far and wide my wee Irish trinket can take me!

Back to the Irish trip in particular! Meeting old friends, making new ones, the Irish, their hospitality, humour,  warmheartedness, music and beautiful country made it a very special and wonderful trip.

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9 responses to “Essential Oil Burner – Ireland- My Trinkets and Memories #19

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  2. Hey Leanne, I’m taking a blogging break for October so I won’t be posting for ‘Trinkets’ until the beginning of Nov. I’m already looking forward to starting back!!


    • that was so special.I have been thinking about this trip but couldn’t find my photos. Suddenly realized they maybe on an old phone I don&t use much. ave just spent a couple of days bluetoothing over 3000 pictures to my PC. Going to tak a while to short those! That’s a lot of posts in the making! Including one to about Ireland!

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  3. Mysterious or not, I really had no idea what trinket you would share. It’s cute – and you really know how to make people want to travel!

    “I treated myself to an afternoon with a falconer and his bird and learnt all about flying one of these magnificent birds.”

    Now I imagine you riding a falcon, with the oil burner in one hand. It’s glorious.

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