Night lights

The Japanese love a good light show. They call it Illumination. Many theme parks and shopping precincts put on wonderful Illumination displays from Autumn through to winter to keep the evening crowds coming.

Illumination at Yomiuri land, an amusement park

Illumination (2) Illumination at Roppongi Midtown

This is a light and music show

Illumination (5) Asakusa Zenkouji Temple

Another favourite night time outing is to Asakusa. The temple is stunning when floodlit. During the day time it can be jam packed but at night the crowds have dispersed and you can have a leisurely wander and enjoy the stunning architecture and grandeur of the place.

Illumination (8)In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells OWPC – Night

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Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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