New Zealand Natives

Here I am a New Zealand native in Japan. It is my day off and I am doing mundane things like the laundry and the dishes. However being the queen of procrastination, I am also taking a little “me” time and enjoying catching up and exploring some of my favourite blogs. This in turn leads to a flood of ideas and reminders of things I have been meaning to post.

Su’s post “A tui in a Kowhai tree” took me home in a flash. Her picture contains 2 classic NZ icons, the Kowhai tree and the Tui, a NZ native bird. I always enjoy Su’s posts as they reflect home so beautifully.

In August I visited friend up north in Auckland and took lots of pictures of native plants including the Kowhai. I had been meaning to do a flower post on NZ natives. This wee beauty if the NZ Kowhai.

smallIMG_3754 smallIMG_3755

A Tui is distinctly New Zealand and a true symbol of home. When I left NZ in 2012 bound for Japan, my colleagues and friends gave me this beautiful Tui to bring with me to Japan. I always think of them when I see it on my wall. It brings memories of bush walks, flowers, birdsong, laughter and home.


The Tui is a beautiful NZ native which loves to perch in native trees and feast on the nectar of the flowers. The Kowhai is one of its favourites. It is a member of the Honeyeater family and has a lovely distinctive birdsong which is often heard before you actually spot the bird. The tui is sometimes called the parson bird because of the white tuft on its neck which is like a clergyman’s dog collar.

Thanks Su for bringing me that little piece of home today. I liked the idea of sharing my pictures which although different to yours contain your subject matter minus the driving rain!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)



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