Autumn’s hands

As a child, I loved my nana’s hands, I was fascinated by her wrinkly dry skin and the lines. I loved to twist her ring, now lose as her hands began to age and dry. I now wear that ring and think of her often. I could sit and play with her hands for hours. I remember asking her why her I could push the skin down on her finger tips and it wouldn’t pop back.

Autumn leaves make me think my nana’s hands and a person’s latter years, their autumn years. Like the leaves their life is reaching completion. They have had their spring, the fresh green youthful years and their summer has been full and fruitful. With both autumn and age comes beauty. I see the warm colour of the leaves and think of my nan. She was a warm loving woman. When the leaves fall and a loved one passes, winter comes. It comes for those left behind. While one can feel cold and bereft in winter it is a good time for reflection. I known when my nana’s final leaf fell we were all very sad but we found the time celebrate her life and laugh about all the nana-isms. In sadness we found happiness and it was like spring had arrived again.

Dedicated to my Nan, may she rest in peace and in response to Jennifer Wells,  One Word Photo Challenge – Autumn

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13 responses to “Autumn’s hands

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    • Thank you JNW. The close up just really transported me back to sitting on Nan&s knee in her living room, she was watching days of our lives and I was engrossed by her hands. Like the picture, it is a very vivid memory.

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  4. Leanne, it’s a blessing to be able to both miss and celebrate the life of one we love. Having cherished memories and “Nana-isms” is the perfect way to keep the loved one alive in our minds and hearts and to celebrate the life s/he lived.


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