Modern take on the traditional

Japan has some very traditional instruments. They produce a very classical sound distinctive to Japanese court and folk music. This post features 3 of them.

The Shakuhachi

A traditional Japanese bamboo flute

The Koto

A  Japanese harp. It come in a 13 stringed or 17 stringed version. Players produce the distinctive sound by plucking the strings using artificial “nails” which are placed over two fingers and the thumb of the right hand.

The Shamisen

A three stringed plucked instrument similar to a banjo. Traditionally made of cat skin.

The following you tube clips take these instruments and play them in a very modern way.

The Yoshida Brothers are one of my favourite Japanese acts. Here they are rocking the Shamisen in a piece called Kodo. They do an awesome piece called The Rising which I featured in one of my earlier posts

Yoshimi Tsujimoto is recent discovery for me. She is a professional Shakuhachi player. Backed by the Koto she plays a Michael Jackson classic – Smooth Criminal.

I hope you enjoy

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


2 responses to “Modern take on the traditional

  1. Wow!!! These musicians are incredible. I very much enjoyed listening to them play. They were not reading music, so had to have memorized those lengthy pieces…not easy, I’m sure. and…Smooth Criminal is my favorite MJ song! 🙂

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