Albert Einstein – Philosophical Scientist – Quote challenge 2

This is the second post in a series of three that I will share over three days in the quote challenge. Thank you for the invitation Momma! I really enjoyed your series of 3 quotes.  I would like to invite 3 wonderful bloggers who visit me often to share their favourite quotes.

Lyn of Lynz Real Cooking

Su of Zimmerbitch

Josh,  of My Friday Blog

Should you chose to participate the idea is to post 3 Quotes ( one a day) on 3 consecutive days and nominate 3 bloggers in each post to participate. I hope this takes your fancy! Now on to my post number 2. I couldn’t limit this to one quote today but they are all the quotes of one person .

Albert Einstein – Philosophical Scientist

Albert Einstein is a name revered in scientific circles. He embodies  the word genius. Einstein was a German born physicist and is best known for his work on the general theory of relativity which made him one of the fathers of modern day physics. E = mc2 , possibly the world’s most famous equation, is Einstein’s creation. Einstein is the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics and his discovery of the photoelectric effect was pivotal to the development of quantum physics. At this point I am beginning to sound like Sheldon from “the Big Bang”, one of my favourite shows and about as much as I know about science!

So back to the whole point of this post, quotes. While Einstein was also a major contributor to the philosophy of science and is is often quoted, I think his quotes surpass science alone and can be applied to life and education. They are not lofty and technical. They are meaningful and wise. I can relate them to them as a student, a teacher, an aunt and a human being.

After stumbling on this quote I found so many more inspiring quotes by Einstein. I find it hard to chose just one. I will start with this.

einstein-quotes-technology-4 Looking into his life, my stereotypical thoughts of the stodgy academic scientist were dashed. Einstein, a true genius, was a dreamer and had a passion for the imagination which led him in investigate things scientifically. He had a great sense of humanity. He bucked formal education as he found it confining and was self taught at times. He always truly thought outside the square.

I couldn’t leave today’s post at just one quote. Here is a You tube compilation of some of Einstein’s wisdom.

Lastly one that I like because I would love that we all behave like this. I think it shows the man’s humility.

images (5)

Just saying!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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