Making your mark – Quote Challenge 3


I love this quote for its humour and underlying wisdom.

I have to smile when I think of many a cheap hotel or hostel I have stayed in to be awoken by that annoying whiny high pitched buzz. Such a tiny creature has the power to get me out of bed and, in a most unbuddhist way, have me swing and club at the tiny disturber of my slumber. I have been known to walk down flights of stairs to the front desk to see if they have mosquito repellant. I have loaded some high pitched app on my ipod which supposedly deters mozzies.

This quote always comes to mind when my country goes to the poll and it it is time to vote, I am not an avid follower of politics but I do believe I need to exercise my right to vote. Although my vote has not tipped the scales of change in the last couple of elections, I feel strongly it is needed, as every vote does count. When enough people realise the power of the collective little man change may occur and I would like to be part of it. I also firmly believe if I don’t exercise my right to vote, I  forfeit the right to have a good whinge about the the state of the nation.

While we may be small we do have the potential to make a difference. I am sure the Dalai Lama is not telling us to get out there and annoy the heck out everyone but rather we as individuals can make a difference by standing up for what is right, not letting injustice or cruelty pass by us without speaking against it, and making ourselves heard.

I find the Dalai Lama and his doctrines fascinating and wise. I am often struck about how his teachings are not so much about pushing structured religion and telling people what to believe in or suffer the consequences but rather about compassion and kindness, basically how to live a kind and generous life. It strikes me that not matter what your religion, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Shinto, or Buddhist we should all be able to follow the simple ideas that he shares.

Just saying!

This is the last quote in a series of three posts that I have shared over the last three days. I hope you have enjoyed them. Once again thank you for the invitation Momma! I had a lot of fun!  I would like to invite 3 wonderful bloggers whose photography and posts I love. I am sure they can find some great quotes to go with their wonderful images should they chose to participate.

Manja of The Mexi Movie

Janet of  This That and the Other thing

Lucile of lucile de godoy – bridging lacunas

The aim is to post 3 Quotes on 3 consecutive days and nominate 3 bloggers in each of your posts to participate.

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6 responses to “Making your mark – Quote Challenge 3

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    • Thanks for the re-blog Tim. I am sure there is an equivalent verse in the bible espousing this same sentiment. I just find the imagery used in this quote very humourous yet very apt and relate able!


  2. Oh, thank you! Somehow I wasn’t notified of this, I see it only now. I have done the three-quotes-in-three-days challenge already once, and I remember how hard it was to nominate people. I much prefer to just generally inspire and rub people in a good way. Thank you anyway for thinking of me and your nice words.

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