Bagpipe Charm – Trinkets and Memories #22

Challenge Outline

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am now hosting one myself.I would love it if you could take part! This is the 22nd week to date.  Please click here for the challenge outline. Please post a link to your post on this page and I will make sure I put it on my challenge page for others to see too!

I look forward to checking out your posts!

So without further adieu here is my 22nd trinket.

Bagpipe silver charm from Scotland

In August of 2013, I made my way to Scotland after 3 months in Europe. I arrived in Edinburgh with tickets booked to go to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival of comedy, busking and street performances over 3 weeks,

The Military Tattoo is set with the the magnificent back drop of Edinburgh Castle. Military bands and Highland bands from all over the world come and play. It is an evening of great performances, fine humour, pomp and circumstance and an amazing fireworks display. Unfortunately the night I went it was “fair pissing down” according to the old Scottish chappy sitting next to me. It was pretty cold and miserable. I did suspect I had a slight case of exposure by the end of the show! Nevertheless crappy weather or not the show did go on and it was amazing. Marching bands, Bag pipes, Highland dancers, fabulous costumes and choreography, it was an extravaganza and despite my chattering teeth, I enjoyed it very much.

The fringe festival was great. There are so many performances happening. Many are free or a token fee to get in. There are more well known people playing for a little more but not overly expensive. The venues were small and intimate. I saw Dawn French, some great stand up shows, a ballet / modern dance troupe and great street performers.

Edinburgh itself, is a beautiful city. the buildings and the setting is gorgeous.

This little silver charm is one of a collection I have. One day it will be attached to a bracelet and become the heaviest and ugliest piece of jewelry I have ever owned! I realised fairly early into my year away I couldn’t keep buying things like coffee mugs or Moroccan rugs as if anything, I wanted my backpack to be lighter from about day 3! I decided that I would try an get a small silver charm from each country I visited.

These bagpipes are my Scottish charm and very apt too. Every time I see this wee charm, the Tattoo, the Fringe Festival, the wonderful people and their lilting accent comes flooding back. Scotland is indeed a place of bonnie memories!


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