A winter view

Treble Cone Ski field Wanaka, NZ

Treble Cone Ski field Wanaka, NZ

A lot of people don’t like winter. I love it! Crisp clear days, the sky is a brilliant blue and the mountains are majestic like towering monarchs caped in the finest white ermine fur.

This was a great afternoon spent up on the ski field with two old friends. P and I didn’t even ski. We just breathed in the clean cool air and enjoyed the magnificent vista below.

In response to Jennifer Nicole Wells’ One word Photo Challenge  – Winter

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      • Yes I do think some of them are in Sikkim, but I’m ddnt had to opportunity to stay in one, so maybe Google can be your friend here. But I’m sure there will be because afterall there are so many hill stations in India 🙂

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