An Origami Nativity Scene

An Origami Nativity Scene

Being a product of the Southern Hemisphere, Summer is synonymous with Christmas. The two go hand in hand like apple and pie, chicken and soup, “achoo” and “Bless you!”

Even though it is already November and up here in the Japan the days are becoming short, leaves are turning colour and winter fast approaches I find myself thinking of summer as come December my whole family returns home for Christmas. My lead in to Christmas and Summer does start in Japan. I have 5 wonderful Tongan students here in Tokyo. They are lovely young men and have a strong Christian faith. I try and work Christmas into to their classes during December. We sing Christmas carols in Japanese and they made me this origami nativity scene. We decorate the classroom and share food and presents.

Summer to me is Christmas. Christmas is family, friends and food usually all gathered in the one place! My niece and nephew’s Christmas stockings reflect summer. There are beach towels, water toys and pistols, swim suits, jandals ( flips flops or beach sandals) and when they were younger sand buckets and spades.

Summer is walks on the beach. On Christmas day, after the frenzied excitement of present opening and a big Christmas lunch, we often go to the beach for a stroll. We kid ourselves that we can walk of the excess food we have consumed and prepare ourselves for  the task of eating delicious left overs for the next 2 or 3 days, as we always make too much.

Summer is a big family water fight, the kids running around the yard with water pistols and Dad playing dirty with the garden hose or strategically hidden buckets..

Summer is a time of warmth. It is not just the weather, it is having family gathered at home and being together. It is a warm and loving time. Although my family are not churchgoers, it is a time of thankfulness and reflection. It is a time to be grateful for all the blessings in our life and to give thanks.

In response to Jennifer Nicole Wells’ One word Photo Challenge  – Summer

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